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Right Performers Delivered

K3 Consultants

Right Performers Delivered

Feedback about Karthikeya

K. Sireesha,MBA,.


The activities in the training program are very interesting. Learned lot from the training program. Improved my speaking abilities doubtlessly with help of these classes.


K. Tejaswini,MSc – Integrated Biotechnology


 I like your way of teaching. Your activities made us to loose stage fear and enhanced our instant thinking abilities.we need to learn a lot more from you. You motivated us a lot.

‘We are glad to br your students!’


S. Megha Sree,B.Tech – CSE.


There are lot of things to learn from you, the attitude you show, the smile you carry, your behaviour, your sincereness. A thing which i like in you is.., an trainer can motivate, teach, inspire, support and interact but everyone won’t maintain a good matehood relation as u did.


Ch. MadhuShree,B.A LLB.


I learned how to talk to people, interact with the people,  and you motivated me a lot and inspired me. Your speeches made me fearless knowed how to think innovatively and instantly. May be in future i want to work with you atleast for an year.


R. Mounika,B.Tech – ECE.


I learnt a lot which is very useful for my future. The way you make the people to interact and telling things in funny way is awesome. By seeing you, we want to become like you and handle situations without any complications but in a smooth way. Finally “You are my Role Model” KARTHIK. Thank you for giving such a motivation and inspiration to me.


G. Indrani,B.Tech – ECE.


Due to your class i changed myself a lot. I learned a lot of things from you – The way to communicate with the students is the best way, I like it a lot. I developed my instant thinking and a lot from you. One more thing that i learned a lot from you like speaking, communicating and interacting, thinking. And your are the person one whom i admire.


K. Divya,B.Tech – CSE.


Firstly i want to thank you for all your support and encouragement towards us. Though the classes are in a jovial way, I had learned how to speak confidently and instantly. The way you communicate with us and the way you carry your smile throughout the class is awesome.


B. Kalpana,B.Tech – ECE


Thanks for being our trainee. I learnt how to overcome stage fear, communicate with others from your classes. You are so interactive and motivating the students with your words.


D. Siva Tejaswari,B.Tech – CSE.


Firstly ,I would like to thank you for your friendly behaviour and unpartiality nature towards students who are in the class. Because of your classes i am able improve my English to some extent and also i dare to step on the stage.


Shaik Munni,M.Sc – Botany, Dept of Sericulture.


What is success? Determination and approach towards the people is what i learnt from your training. The mistakes which we did in the training session were beautifully explained hoe to overcome. The students who will understand the thoughts and purpose of the training in the way you did it, they surely make use of it in better way.


P. Priyanka,

M.Sc – Botany, Dept of Sericulture.



I learned how to talk with the people and how to behave with them. I developed my instant thinking, anyway the classes are good memories for us. Thanks for your motivation.